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Making the business case for Enterprise 2.0

BULL'S EYE: E2.0 solutions must focus on the business goal
Dion Hinchcliffe had a great line in his post on ZDNet last week: "When you have tool myopia, it sometimes seems like every business problem looks like a nail for your particular software hammer."

Isn't that the truth? When it comes to Enterprise 2.0, there has been much discussion around tools and processes. "We still focus too much on the tools themselves (which are exciting), the potential for radical organizational change and/or transformation of traditional hierarchies (also very interesting, yet it unnerves those trying to run a business even though such transformation takes a time), and a focus on new collaborative approaches instead of looking for the best way to solve business problems," writes Dion.

As we've covered before on the blog, and as I reiterated in my comment on Dion's post, companies have to start with the business objective at hand. What's the end game? This is true for any enterprise initiative, including business performance improvement.

Do you need to use E2.0 to improve proposal development? Competitive intelligence? Consumer insight? In our experience, our most successful customers are those that use Social Knowledge Networks to address specific problems, achieve certain results, and serve target audiences.

Otherwise it's just like throwing a bunch of spaghetti at the wall and hoping it sticks. And while the Italian in me will always have a soft spot for homemade spaghetti, I'd rather enjoy eating it than cleaning it up off the floor.

So if I didn't make you hungry just now ;), I'd encourage you to hop over to ZDNet and read the rest of Dion's post. He explored a few other facets of E2.0 and business performance, which are thought-provoking and worth a read. Better yet, grab a fork and read it at the same time!

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