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Social Knowledge Networks: "Transforming the Way Information-Driven Enterprises Work," a white paper

Two of the most commonly asked questions we get at Inmagic are, what are Social Knowledge Networks, and, can you tell me more about how I can use them at my organization?

It's fair to say we've not only discussed these topics a lot, but also have garnered considerable experience helping organizations develop and implement Social Knowledge Networks in their businesses with Presto.

It was time to record those conversations and experiences in a white paper for all of the Inmagic community to learn from. Our President and CEO, Ron Matros, put pen to paper to develop a piece about the information access challenges currently facing the enterprise, dubbed "Social Knowledge Networks: Transforming the Way Information-Driven Enterprises Work."

He discusses the ways in which Social Knowledge Networks can help organizations overcome barriers to knowledge transfer, knowledge retention, and collaboration to speed decision-making.

It's a good read to get an introduction to Social Knowledge Networks, or to follow up on something you might have already talked to us about. You can download it from our website and share with colleagues. Any questions, you know how to reach us or leave a comment! :)

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