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Using Social Knowledge Networks to Bridge the Information Access Gap in SharePoint Environments: the white paper

It's well-known that millions of professionals are using Microsoft SharePoint. An IDG Research study found that 53 percent of surveyed CIOs are using SharePoint within their enterprises.

No secret there. SharePoint is one of the most widely used enterprise platforms, and projections indicate that adoption will continue. But that's not why I'm writing this post.

What's more interesting about that IDG study is that 55 percent of respondents reported that SharePoint challenges are impacting their business.

Even though so many businesses rely on SharePoint for their enterprise knowledge management needs, they continue to struggle to find, organize, and distribute knowledge to the right people at right time. What's wrong this picture???

We think we can tell you. Based on our relationships with customers and interactions in the marketplace, we're finding that many SharePoint companies are hitting a wall when it comes to users' information access needs.

Bob Warren, our VP of Products, wrote a white paper about just this. He details what the information access gap is, and how companies can fill it using Social Knowledge Networks. Bob's white paper covers the bases regarding how to extract more value from your SharePoint investment to help accelerate collaborative decision-making and increase productivity enterprise-wide.

It's worth a read, and you can download the white paper from our Web site. While you're reading it, I hope you'll be saying (or thinking. I guess not everyone talks to themselves ...!), "yes, that's me!!" If not, we'd love to hear what challenges you are encountering with SharePoint. In fact, we'd love to hear any and all feedback. You know how -- just leave a note in the comments!

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