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How do you define social interaction?

Remember when social media was just Facebook? Yeah, it feels like ages ago! Now we have social media so ingrained in our lives, it seems many of us don't go more than five minutes without updating our Facebook statuses, connecting with someone on LinkedIn, tweeting the article we're reading (or blog post from Inmagic!!), uploading a video to YouTube ... You get the picture.

It was only a matter of time before social media would spill over to business. And spilled it has. But the enterprise is swimming in cloudy water. We're continuing to sort out new terminology and language, and determining what it means for business and why we should care.

Jacob Morgan made a good point about this on Customer Think the other week. "At conferences now we’re starting to hear the new social CRM and social business terms thrown around yet those terms are still being used to describe the same things that the 'social media' folks have been saying all along. Social business, Enterprise 2.0, and Social CRM are not evolutionary terms, they are evolutionary concepts and strategies."

He went on to define terms including social media, social business, social CRM, and Enterprise 2.0. His definitions are worth a read for anyone in the social media space. However, there's one thing I differ on.

Jacob seems to divide social interaction into two worlds: customer interaction (social CRM) and employee/partner interaction (E2.0). But I don't think this reflects the reality of how business operates. Internal collaboration and external communication are not always mutually exclusive. I explained my reasoning more in a comment, so flip over to catch it after you read Jacob's article. Hopefully it will bring some clarity to your understanding of social media for business.

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