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How to prevent brain drain at your organization

Knowledge transfer and knowledge retention continue to loom large for many organizations. Baby boomer retirement and ongoing staff reductions are pressuring organizations to shore up their knowledge management strategies.

If you're looking for advice on how to establish and/or improve your knowledge transfer and retention system, a good place for reference is this article by Sandy Lesko-Mounts in the spring issue of The Leading Edge (scroll down to page 4).

She identifies some of the common challenges organizations are facing with their current KM systems, and outlines steps for building the right knowledge retention strategy for your organization. "The goal of knowledge management is not to manage all knowledge, but to manage the knowledge most important to the organizations." she writes.

Sandy also cites some examples of companies that are successfully retaining knowledge today, including MRA. The company is using Presto to manage its knowledge assets. Some of the key features it's taking advantage of are Presto's tagging and commenting functionality, Google-like search engine, and user access tracking.

That's all I'll say here. Read about the complete details on MRA, as well as many more insights into transferring and retaining knowledge by hitting the article. To access it, open The Leading Edge's spring issue and scrolling down to page 4.

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