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Microsoft vs. third-party apps

With Microsoft SharePoint 2010 out of beta, companies including Google and Cisco are pushing their competing products -- Google Docs and Cisco Quad, respectively. Chelsi Nakano covered this on CMSWire last week.

But as some SharePoint users are taking a hard look at the Microsoft stalwart, direct replacements are not the only thing they're paying attention to. They're also looking at complementary, third-party applications as ways to get more out of their SharePoint investment.

That's something we see surfacing consistently in our conversations with customers and prospects. We've been continuing to add tighter SharePoint integration capabilities into Presto, so that companies can better share and collaborate on knowledge assets using functionality not available in SharePoint.

I left a couple other thoughts on this in the comments under the article, but rather than rehash them here, flip over to CMSWire to catch them. What are your thoughts on Microsoft vs. Google and Cisco, and Microsoft vs. third-party apps?

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