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Six implications of Enterprise 2.0 for IT

You might have caught Ross Dawson's latest book, "Implementing Enterprise 2.0." Ross is Chairman of Advanced Human Technologies, an international consulting firm, and also of Future Exploration Network, a global events and strategy company.

He's written several books on business strategy, and in "Implementing Enterprise 2.0," he covers how to create business value with Web technologies inside the enterprise.

Ross recently excerpted his book on his blog, and I'd encourage you to flip over and give it a read. He talks about six implications of Enterprise 2.0 for IT, including:
1. Increased user expectations

2. End-users are enabled

3. Heightened requirements for IT security and archiving

4. Shift to role of steward, advisor, and facilitator

5. Potential to reduce IT spending

6. Changing relationship with other organizational functions
While these are all important and relevant points, two stand out as most widespread and intertwined across enterprise organizations: #2, end users are enabled, and #3, heightened requirements for IT security and archiving.

One begets the other, and the best E2.0 applications will be able to accommodate both. Often times organizations approach these as mutually exclusive when it comes to their E2.0 strategy. Either users are freely enabled, or you clamp down security. The trick for IT is to keep the security and control as unobtrusive as possible in order to allow end-users to collaborate and achieve their daily objectives.

(By the way, I submitted these thoughts in the comments section on Ross's blog, but I haven't seen them appear, so I wanted to share them here. Sorry, Ross, if they hit your blog, not trying to copy content!)

What are your thoughts on the implications of E2.0 for IT?

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Ross Dawson said...

Thanks Mike, great comments!

Sorry I can't see the comment on my blog - I'm not sure about the commenting system and hope to migrate it soon. Perhaps you can put a link to this post in the comments.


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