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Much to be done before we move to Enterprise 3.0

When I hear about Enterprise 3.0, my first reaction is, whoa, hold your horses. Few companies have even started implementing Enterprise 2.0. So when I read on the WSJ that Andrew McAfee moderated an Enterprise 3.0 panel at the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium, I had to dash down my thoughts. I tried to submit a comment on the article, but it looks like it didn't take, so I'm posting it here.

While Enterprise 3.0 is exciting to think about, I think we need to get Enterprise 2.0 right first. If you follow discussions on the topic, you know there's still much ado about terms, definitions, what it is, and what it isn't. To me, that means there is much work to be done before we jump to the next rev of the dot enterprise.

The good news is, progress is being made and we are starting to see more and more use cases of E2.0 in action, versus concepts about what it might do for the enterprise. For many organizations, trialing and incorporating E2.0 -- which requires a mix of technology, culture, and process unique to your own company -- will pave a smooth path to the next wave of enterprise solutions.

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