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Phil Simon vs. Phil Green on the semantic Web

Last week we pitted Phil Simon against our own Phil Green to hash out the topic of the semantic Web. When is it coming? Is it already here? Who's driving adoption? What the heck is it anyway and why should anyone care?

Fists didn't fly, but great insights were revealed by these two forward thinkers. Today we bring you their joint interview, moderated by one of our bloggers, Janelle. Take a listen to hear the Phils bounce around their ideas and opinions on the semantic Web, what it has to do with Enterprise 2.0, and how they foresee it impacting our daily lives. You can also read the transcript.

After you listen to the podcast, don't run away just yet!! We're giving away a copy of Phil Simon's new book, "The Next Wave of Technologies" to one lucky winner. Phil's book covers new technologies in cloud computing, SaaS, business intelligence, and more. It's a great read for anyone looking for help determining if, and at what level, these technologies should be deployed.

We're running a Twitter contest to give away the book. In just a few minutes, I'll tweet this post @Inmagic. All you have to do is retweet my tweet, and you'll be entered to win. (I'll also update this post with the link to the tweet so you can grab it easily.)

UPDATE: Here's the link to the tweet to retweet.

We'll be collecting the retweets and randomly picking one winner. You have until this Thursday, June 17 at 11:59 p.m. ET to retweet. Only one entry per person please. We'll announce the winner on the blog.

Good luck!!!

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