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SLA conference continues to attract top info pros

I went to SLA 2010 with mixed feelings: excited about attending the show and seeing our long-time customers, and slightly dreading the heat of New Orleans in June. Perhaps it was the heat, the venue (not a traditional hub of information and library professionals as was D.C. last year, which means less foot traffic), or maybe it was just the economy, but attendance seemed down.

Now, hear me out. Don't think I'm knocking the show, because while attendance seemed down, the quality of the attendee was most certainly up. I'd say quite possibly at its best. We saw a different kind of attendee at SLA this year. Anyone that had budget, time, and motivation to get to New Orleans was there with specific goals and objectives in mind. Lucky for us, we were top-of-mind for many customers and prospects, and Presto was on the short list of technologies these people wanted to check out.

The must-see Presto feature that people requested in demos was federated search. Info pros and knowledge workers were excited about Presto's ability to offer a single view of distributed content, which can often be a huge challenge for special libraries that need access to countless forms of external content, such as subscriptions, journals, and research information.

The other big topic was SharePoint 2010. Many customers and prospects have had SharePoint for some time, but they are realizing that it is not so easy to deploy and manage. However, SharePoint is too costly of a platform to scrape and start from scratch. So many are looking to third-party applications like Presto to make it easier to use, and to start reaping some benefits. "Help me" was what we heard people saying of SharePoint.

All in all, this was a very positive experience for Inmagic. We enjoyed the opportunity to connect with long-time customers, interact with new prospects, and vet potential new partners. We're looking forward to another great event next year.

What were your thoughts about the show? Leave a comment, we'd love to hear them.

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