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Striking a balance with Enterprise 2.0

New technology always has a degree of unknown about it. Today, the emergence of Enterprise 2.0 is creating that sense among many organizations. Some say there is a "dark side to Enterprise 2.0," as Marisa Peacock covers in this article on CMSWire.

"These tools may keep us from traveling, cutting costs and saving time, but they are prohibiting close relationships and undermining our interpersonal skills," she writes. That's why she believes Enterprise 2.0 should be used in moderation, and "companies should allow their employees to strike the right balance between technology and productivity."

While Marisa makes a good point, I have to say moderation doesn't always work for every company. For instance, very few companies relied on moderation to cross the chasm. I explained more in the comment I left on the article, so flip over to pick up where I leave off here, and be sure to give the CMSWire article a read. What's your impression?

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