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Why SharePoint 2010 is not a panacea

Critical reviews of SharePoint 2010 continue to roll in. Chelsi Nakano summed a couple of them up last week on CMSWire. Areas of improvement she cited include Web content management, search, and security.

To me, reading through these critiques only re-enforces our central premise shared by our customers: Even though the feature set in SharePoint 2010 is rich and getting richer, and the range of business user applications that can be built will grow accordingly, the platform is not a panacea.

The more applications and sites an organization builds with SharePoint, the worse its information silo problem can get. Each new app/site is a new information silo that disperses data, rather than consolidates it. Business users are demanding access to information and more self-sufficiency, which requires a centralized, well-organized approach to content management.

SharePoint 2010 promises to be a great platform, and this CMSWire article highlights all of the richness (and limitations) of its features. SharePoint certainly has its place, and I think some organizations will successfully identify the role SharePoint should play in their technology stack, and smartly leverage its capabilities when and where appropriate.

In the end, solving business problems and removing impediments to business user productivity is the only conversation that really matters.

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