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Social Knowledge Networks -- Adoption Strategies and Best Practices: the white paper

Key to the success of any new technology initiative is adoption. The most difficult step is bridging the gap between early adopters and the early majority, also known as "crossing the chasm."

When it comes to Social Knowledge Networks (SKNs), we've found several similarities among our clients that have enabled them to cross the chasm.

Bob Warren, our Vice President of Products, has been at the front lines of these efforts with our clients, and put pen to paper to document some of the best practices that he sees surfacing among companies as they build adoption of their SKNs across their teams and organizations.

We've published those best practices as a white paper, which you can download for free from our website. What you'll find is a practical collection of do's and don'ts, drawn from our customers' experiences and industry research.

To download it, first register on our website. Once you've created your account, go to our white paper page and click on the paper's title, "Social Knowledge Networks -- Adoption Strategies and Best Practices." The paper will begin downloading.

Registration gives you access to all our white papers and other educational resources on our site. So if you've already registered on our website, you'll be able to download the white paper directly. And while you're signed in, feel free to peruse our other white papers, archived webinars, and educational materials. We're continuing to add new resources to our website, and we'll keep you updated on the blog.

We hope this white paper will come in handy as you launch your SKN and build usage across your organization. And as always, feel free to share the download link with colleagues and friends. And if you have any questions or additions -- just leave a comment here!

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