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5 steps for successfully deploying Social Knowledge Networks

The success of your Social Knowledge Network strategy is measured by the outcome: how well you achieve your business objectives, whether they be increased productivity, improved collaboration, improved knowledge transfer and knowledge retention, or what have you.

But a successful output is contingent upon quality input. Just as we say "garbage in, garbage out," the opposite holds true. Quality in, quality out.

In our work with our customers deploying Social Knowledge Networks, we've identified five key steps to ensuring a successful output. The editors of CMSWire invited me to detail them in a contributed article, which hit their site this week.

In it I explain the five steps for deploying a successful Social Knowledge Network strategy, including:

1. Define the problem
2. Pick your people
3. Find a fearless leader
4. Make content your king
5. The rules rule

Hit CMSWire to read about each step in detail. And feel free to let us know your feedback in the comments. Thanks to CMSWire's editors for taking my piece.

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