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CMSWire's list of collaboration technologies to have on your radar

This week on CMSWire, Barb Mosher put together a round up of technologies organizations are using for enterprise collaboration. Her list is especially insightful, because she breaks down tools that have an established base across the enterprise (e-mail, databases, conference calls), followed by new, more highly evolved collaboration approaches that are enhancing, and in some cases, ousting them.

After reading through Barb's evaluation, it's clear to me that the enterprise is moving to a more social, multi-way workplace in which employees communicate, team, and share knowledge in virtual communities. In fact, one of the new collaboration technologies Barb includes on her list is Social Knowledge Networks, like Presto.

Her round up is worth a look-see. What do you think of her list? Anything you'd add, delete, or change? What technologies are you using now, and what ones are considering using in the future?

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