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Enterprise 2.0: To pilot or not to pilot?

A few months ago I wrote a post on our blog about why we should kill E2.0 pilots. If you were looking for more of a drill-down on my argument, you've come to the right place! The editors of TechNewsWorld invited me to contribute a guest article on the topic, and it went live this week. Hit their site to read my recommendation for how to decide if an E2.0 pilot is right for your organization.

The short answer? Yes and no. That's because every company is unique, and while launching a pilot might be the best solution for one, it could be a failure for another.

As I explain in the article, the relationships between data, information, knowledge, staff, management, experts, applications and platforms vary greatly among enterprise organizations. Companies are not as concerned about the pilot as they are about achieving business objectives and finding answers to the unique problems they are experiencing.

But there are several factors to think about when considering if a pilot is right for your business, so flip over to my article to read about them. Feel free to leave your own recommendations here too.

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