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How to turn employee turnover into an advantage

Economic pressures or not, employee turnover is a constant challenge companies face. When employees leave -- for whatever reason, be it getting laid off, getting fired, resigning, retiring -- they take their manpower and knowledge with them. High turnover rates can also erode morale and team spirit.

So how can companies maintain high employee performance and productivity under these circumstances? I found some advice in this Wall Street Journal article by Dr. Gervase Bushe, Professor of Leadership and Organization Development at Simon Fraser University.

He breaks down four primary challenges that teams with fluid membership face, and his recommendations for addressing them. I think he has some wise advice to share, especially about increasing knowledge retention.

For instance, Dr. Bushe writes, "Managers might create knowledge-management systems to store team information. For instance, an engineering team might keep a blog to chart a project's progress and the roles and responsibilities of team members involved."

Piggybacking off of that, this evolving workforce is clearly driving the need for enterprise social technologies to support collaboration across teams and organizations. Teams that are focused on a business objective can achieve cohesion and less disruption, and the result is a more collaborative approach to reaching their individual and corporate goals. But more on that in my comment I left on the article.

I'd encourage you to flip over to WSJ and read through Dr. Bushe's advice too. Anything you'd add, or disagree with?

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