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Inmagic newsletter archives: February 1999

We pulled this company newsletter out of the archives because, really, haven't you always wondered where Inmagic got its name? Test out your deductive reasoning and guess which conversation happened in 1984 that determined the company name:

a) "We're really on to something with this idea. We just stepped in magic!

b) "I hope you believe in magic because David Copperfield has nothing on this software."

c) "When I saw what the software could do, I said, 'It's magic!'"

If you selected C, you're right! Inmagic actually stands for Information Magic. In this issue, the company founders recap the first 15 years of the organization, which I discovered was officially founded in December of 1983. Who knew! As you'll see in the Q-and-A in the old newsletter, many of the core philosophies and principles still hold true.
  • "Our customers - information managers, really - needed to manipulate and retrieve their information in a way that was familiar to them." Yesterday that was DOS. Today, Google is the way we work.
  • "We have a very basic philosophy here: we listen to our customers and provide them with what they ask for to make their jobs easier." A mantra that drives the company and its products today.
  • "We view the Web as simply another platform." So is SharePoint.
  • "Special librarians are demonstrating their leadership by using our Web-based products to spread the use of information throughout their organizations." And today we see special librarians at the intersection of people, content, and the wisdom of the community.

Also, in the section, Inmagic Presents a Clear Roadmap to the Web, it discusses how Inmagic technology could deliver information to end-user desktops, anywhere, anytime via a Web browser. While we've had that checked off our to-do list for some time, the basic premise of enabling non-technical business users to engage in information management is still ingrained in our products and has always set Inmagic apart from other technology applications.

Yesterday, it was DB/Text Web Publisher Pro. Today, Social Knowledge Networks provide virtual environments that bring together content, people, and tools for information access and discovery -- specifically for end users. Kind of makes you wonder where we'll be 15 years from now. Maybe accessing information in our flying cars and having meetings via hologram (we'll make a note to put that functionality in version 22).


Ann Stringfield of InfoCrofters said...

Many of Inmagic's Authorized Partners began using Inmagic software in 1983, read the initial newsletter, and still use, support, sell, and proselytize about Inmagic software to this day! 27 years and counting!

Carolyn MacNeill said...

Thanks, Ann! Here’s to another 27. :)


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