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Inmagic newsletter archives: We're going back ... wayyy back

It's one thing to hear that Inmagic has been around for more than 25 years. It's another to physically see the evidence.

In 1985, founders Betty Edison and Karen Brothers really put the Inmagic brainchild into motion and started a newsletter communication to customers. And one of our long-time, dedicated customers, Karen Evans, librarian at the Anglican Church of Canada, diligently saved -- and archived, of course -- the Inmagic print newsletters dating back to the summer of 1986.

In 1986 I was listening to Duran Duran on my Walkman, watching "Top Gun" on a VCR, Ferris Bueller had his big day off, and everyone held Hands Across America with swatches on their wrists. And as a former Long Island'er now living in Boston, I'll always have conflicting feelings about 1986. You know what I'm talking about (cough, Buckner, cough cough).

Inmagic has come a long way and it's nice to see the history, progress, and growth of a long-time software company that has embraced today's Enterprise 2.0 movement without losing its core base of customers and development principles.

We thought our old newsletters were just too good to leave sitting in the archives. So we're going to post them to the blog over the coming days and weeks. And there's no better place to start than at the beginning, so here's the front cover to one of our first newsletters. (Click to enlarge.)

While we get to work scanning more newsletters, here are some interesting excerpts from the archives I've been reading:
  • "When we first began to sell Inmagic in the early 80's, we found that libraries and law firms were among the first industries using computers to manage text." -- 1986
  • "It may surprise you that in the next seven to ten years, computers will give you [a] multifaceted environment for your data." -- 1986
  • "As a society, we are well on our way to becoming computer literate, but we are still far from being information literate." -- 1990
  • "Intranets: Why They're Here to Stay." -- 1997
Back to the future for now, more to come later.

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Anonymous said...

It's always a pleasure to reminded of a past accomplishment that received little publicity at the time of its inception. Your posting of the newsletter reminds me that the menu system that I designed (and coded) for IMC back in 1985/86 qualifies today as a "federated" search engine. It provided a unified query form that searched an Inmagic textbase and a Boeing DBMS simultaneously on different DEC VAX superminis in a VaxCluster, returning a single results set that provided direct links to relevant records. I later took the 10,000 lines of code with me (with permission) when the IMC group disintegrated and revised it for use at Owens-Corning's research library. Some things never change....I was also involved as a customer of Pacific Knowledge Systems (later WebFeat) with custom extensions of that product's code.
--George Curran


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