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Presto 3.5 released with new access and control functionality

Striking the right balance between access and control of your knowledge repository is a constant challenge for information workers. On one hand, you want to foster adoption and encourage collaboration among employees. On the other, you need to ensure information security and control so employees work within your organization's processes, policies, and culture.

This challenge was the impetus driving our development of Presto 3.5, which we released today. The updated version of Presto has new functionality surrounding access and control to help information workers manage their organization's knowledge within the context of both their collaboration and security needs and objectives.

For more information on the new functionality, I'll direct you to our press release we issued this morning. It helps explain the new features and how you can use them to bring greater control and access to your knowledge repository.

If you have questions or would like to learn more, feel free to drop us a line or leave a comment.

Latest Version of Inmagic Presto Broadens Collaboration Capabilities and Deepens Security Elements

Enhancements enable KnowledgeNets, providing business users easy access to secure, relevant information that is tied to specific business objectives

WOBURN, Mass.--August 24, 2010--Inmagic® released the latest version of Inmagic® Presto, an application that enables non-technical business users to create and manage KnowledgeNets™, Social Knowledge Networks (SKN) that are tied to a specific business objective. Presto 3.5 delivers enhanced functionality to customers that include discussion forums, which facilitate topic-specific collaboration; extended single sign-on (SSO), which authenticates third-party applications; and improved overall performance optimization for large enterprise organizations.

"Security and collaboration are at the heart of Enterprise 2.0, but achieving a balance between access and control to drive employee-based innovation has been a tough nut to crack," said Dan Keldsen, co-founder and Principal of Information Architected. "Social and control often times seem like opposing forces inside the firewall, but Inmagic Presto offers organizations the opportunity to set their own unique social boundaries using Social Knowledge Networks. When individuals can work within the constraints of their organization's culture and processes, social balance is no longer a pipe dream. It's the new social normal."

Recent enhancements to Presto include:
  • Discussion forums. Connects collaboration activities (e.g.: commenting, rating, tagging) to a specific process or topic (e.g.: proposal development, sales enablement, competitive analysis), and retains discussion details, unlike e-mail.
  • Content relations. Establishes a one-to-one or one-to-many relationship between Presto objects (e.g.: a contract may reference and link to multiple P.O.s)
  • "Social Security" through Extended SSO. Provides striated levels of access to information based on user authorization and privileges, creating cohesive security across KnowledgeNet repositories.
  • Enterprise-scale performance optimization. Enhances search performance for large organizations with substantial repositories (1M records), and ingestion performance is improved for data loading.
These enhancements fulfill a market need for SKNs to bridge the information gap that exists within many enterprise organizations. The information gap exists when business staff must sacrifice control and ease-of-use for functionality and security. SKN discussion forums address these needs and differ from other technology forums because they focus on a specific topic or business challenge within a secure environment. Collaboration that is directly tied to content more readily surfaces experts and relevant information-and alleviates the issues associated with the information gap.

"As adoption of Social Knowledge Networks continues to accelerate, Inmagic continues to enhance and extend capabilities to meet needs and requirements of our customers," says Bob Warren, Vice President of Products at Inmagic. "Presto 3.5 extends the application of Social Knowledge Networks through KnowledgeNets, putting collaborative relationships between experts and staff in the context of business objectives, and improves performance and security for a more holistic approach to information access and collaboration."

In addition, extended SSO within Presto is unique among social business applications because it provides levels of access to information as appropriate to the individual. Authorization and privileges dictate which users can access information from other sources of data within the organization. A tailored approach to security allows for a more seamless flow of information access and dissemination.


Inmagic® has been the industry leader in knowledge management and library automation applications for nearly 30 years. Today, Inmagic is at the forefront of the move to a new generation of knowledge management and special library applications, creating Social Knowledge Networks (SKN) that combine top-down, vetted information with bottom-up, "wisdom of the community" to address critical research and business objectives. Over 5,000 organizations across a range of industries in 100 countries use Inmagic solutions, including our award-winning SKN application, Inmagic® Presto; Inmagic® Presto for Social Libraries; and our DB/Text® Library Suite product family, to gain unprecedented insight and derive value and return-on-investment from their information assets. Find out how much your organization really knows. Visit Inmagic Library Solutions.

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