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Win a Kindle by registering on

Amazon Kindles are one of the most popular gadgets among our info pros community. I can't blame you. :) So we are indulging your desire for wireless reading on the nifty 8.7-oz. device by giving away a free Kindle to a lucky info pro who registers on

Be one of the 250 registered users to download any one of our Know and Go resources, and you'll be entered to win. Then keep your eyes peeled on our blog to see if you're the winner.

After you register on, you'll have access to all Know and Go content. From archived webinars to white papers, the series of resources provides you up-to-date information on KM trends and topics to help you shape your organization's social knowledge management strategy.

They're available on demand whenever you need guidance. And if have any questions or want to learn more about something you see, feel free to contact us.

Good luck, and get registering!! :)

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