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Associations to blaze new trail in social knowledge management?

Associations are uniquely positioned to lead the adoption of next-generation social knowledge management technology. They are information-centric organizations, operating at the point where information is collected, organized, made accessible, and socialized. (We also call this the intersection of "content consumers" and "content producers.") This, coupled with the culture of sharing inherent in most associations, is leading to the emergence of a new notion called "Association 2.0."

I contributed a guest article about Association 2.0 to associationTECH recently, and it appeared online yesterday. While Association 2.0 is just beginning to develop, we're already seeing some key characteristics of the movement taking shape. I outlined them in my article, as well as explained what Association 2.0 is, and why associations are ideally suited to blaze a trail in effective social knowledge management.

So for the details, click over and give it a read. What are your thoughts on Association 2.0? How do you see associations leading the adoption of effective social knowledge management?

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