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How to sort multi-entry fields in DB/TextWorks

Say you're using DB/TextWorks and you want to sort a multi-entry field in your report. Let's also say you want to show all entries. What do you do?

1. To start, add the fields you wish to display on your report. Then sort on the fields you want by going to Report Options, then Compulsory Sort. (This will force a sort order that will display only in this particular report.) To display all multi-entry values, select Exploding Sort.

2. In Report Options, select Header and Footers, and then select the sort level for the field you wish to display. (For example, if your first sort is "Title," that's Sort Level 1. If your second field is "Author," that's Sort Level 2. And so on.) Select Insert Sort Header/Footer, and voila!

We realize that it can be a little tricky trying to sort with multi-entry fields, so here's an example using the Sample1 textbase provided with DB/TextWorks. You can click the image to enlarge.

Let's say you have a field called "Skills" in the Sample1 textbase. It's a multi-entry field, and you want to report on consultants who have a particular set of skills, sorted out by those skills.

1. In the report designer, add form boxes for "Skills," "Consultant Name," "Education," and "Address."

2. Using Report Options, then Compulsory Sort, sort on "Skills" first, then by "Consultant Name."

3. Select Exploding Sort for the "Skills" field and click OK.

4. Go to the Report Options, then Header and Footers dialog box, and select Sort Header for the "Skills" field. (This will be Sort Level 1.)

5. Then select Insert Header/Footer. This will create a header for each skill, with the associated consultants listed under that header.

6. To create a sort header for the "Consultant Name" field, go to the Report Options, the Header and Footers dialog box, and select Sort Header for "Consultant Name." (This will be Sort Level 2.)

7. Save the report and view the results.

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