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Oscar Berg explores our future with Enterprise 2.0

Like nearly all new trends, Enterprise 2.0 was once questioned as a fad. But the growing adoption of E2.0, coupled with the increased understanding of its benefits and ongoing development of technologies and processes surrounding it, are evidence that Enterprise 2.0 is beyond a fad. It's our future as an industry.

Oscar Berg
Today, with about four years of E2.0 evolution under our belts, we're asking questions like, "How have perceptions about Enterprise 2.0 changed? What are characteristics of successful E2.0 implementations? And what does the future of E2.0 look like?"

One of our bloggers, Janelle, explored these topics and more last week when she interviewed Oscar Berg, who's had his nose to the ground of IT and business innovations for the better part of 15 years. He's currently Management Consultant of Strategic IT at Acando, an IT consultancy based in Sweden.

In their podcast, Janelle and Oscar explore the future of Enterprise 2.0, particularly the role mobile apps will play in the next few years. Also, keep your ears peeled for when Janelle asks Oscar about successful E2.0 strategies. He ranks the importance of the following elements: technology, people, processes, and culture. After listening to Oscar's argument, would you agree with him?

Oscar dishes on a slew of other topics surrounding E2.0, including the biggest surprise about Enterprise 2.0 to date and the "aha moment" when organizations realize E2.0's value. He also gives us a sneak peek into what he will be presenting at the Enterprise 2.0 Summit in Frankfurt next month.

So put your ears on and tune in, or read the full transcript. For more from Oscar, you can read his blog, The Content Economy, and follow him on Twitter @oscarberg.

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