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Bill Ives calls Presto "great example" of collaboration and content management integration

Phil and I recently had the pleasure of demoing Presto 3.5 to KM blogger and thought leader Bill Ives. We took Bill through all of our platform's new features, including the Discussion Forums, Report Generator, extended single sign-on (SSO) capabilities, and overall performance improvements.

It was a great meeting. Getting feedback from someone as entrenched in the KM industry as Bill Ives is valuable to our future development efforts. In fact, Bill shared his impressions of Presto on his blog this week.

"I like the improvements with Presto 3.5, especially the ones that address the social side of content management. With enterprise 2.0 we are seeing an increasing integration of collaboration and content management capabilities. Presto 3.5 is a great example of this trend," wrote Bill.

Click over to see what else Bill Ives has to say about Presto. Bill also tweeted about his Presto review.

Thanks again for taking our demo, Bill, and sharing your feedback with us!

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