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Enterprise 2.0: Who's driving the bus?

We're seeing organizations increasingly put forth efforts to move from tactical Enterprise 2.0 experiments and pilots to strategic Enterprise 2.0 deployments. But to get there, they're trying to determine who should be driving the bus. The C-suite? Middle management? Senior staff? Or someone else?

Dion Hinchcliffe broke down the possibilities recently in a ZDNet article, examining where E2.0 leadership can be found, and why certain roles are well-suited to be in charge of E2.0.

He came to an interesting conclusion. Successful E2.0 leadership "take a village." Professionals from a range of levels are needed to spread the E2.0 gospel and manifest it throughout the organization.

While I agree, and encourage you to give Dion's article a read, I also have to play devil's advocate. As I wrote in my comment for Dion, who leads the E2.0 charge is less important than how it gets done.

Every organization has unique business objectives. As such, every organization should adapt E2.0 to meet them. And that includes who their E2.0 leader is.

Successful E2.0 develops and grows organically from within an organization. It's started and driven by those who are passionate about collaboration and knowledge sharing. If that's the president, middle manager, or junior associate, well, then you have your answer. Ultimately, it comes down to not leading E2.0, but enabling and fostering it throughout the organization.

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