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Long live the listserv or let it die?

Online communities vs. listservs. For associations, it's a question of sticking with the traditional approach to member communications and networking, or transitioning to a modern, more feature-rich platform. When do you know to give your listserv the boot??

A great discussion about this has been percolating on the associationTECH blog this week. I'd encourage you to flip over to Maggie McGary's post which sparked the discussion, and scroll through the comments. Lots of really interesting insight to read. I also shared my own thoughts on the matter. I take the stance that the key to keep in mind is to map specific features from Web 2.0 to specific, tried-and-trusted tools from Web 1.0. But I'll let my comment, and the rest, do the talking from here. Feel free to add your own too.

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