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No standardization for E2.0 is its blessing and curse

We've talked a lot on our blog about how there is no right or wrong way to implement Enterprise 2.0. But that can be both a blessing and curse.

On the plus side, E2.0's flexibility gives organizations the ability to adapt it to their business objectives -- which is crucial to gaining positive results. Organizations can use the technologies, develop the processes, and deploy the resources needed to meet their goals.

However, E2.0 can be nebulous. Its subjective definition and lack of guidelines and requirements can make it difficult to understand, let alone introduce into an organization.
But, as Ethan Yarbrough recently wrote in a post on AIIM's Enterprise 2.0 blog, "That’s OK; you make up your own mind."

What works for one company doesn't necessarily work for another. You define and measure your own success against your own business objectives. And those can be very different from the next company.

I agree with a lot of the points Ethan makes in his post. He goes on to explain the subjectivity surrounding E2.0 well, so if you're looking for some clarification on the topic, I'd encourage you to give it a read. And to help crystallize the notion, I wrote an analogy in a comment below Ethan's post.

What are your thoughts? How much can an Enterprise 2.0 manual foster adoption, and how much can it stifle it?

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