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Association 2.0 webinar Q&A: How do you handle copyrighted material from outside sources?

Moving along today with another question and answer from our Association 2.0 webinar. For a refresher, we're revisiting the questions raised in our webinar, and sharing responses and viewpoints from our guests -- Peter Hutchins from ASAE, and Chris Larsen and Corrina Mason from HRPA -- as well as from our team here at Inmagic.

This time we explore what you need to know about storing and using copyrighted content in your Social Knowledge Network.

How do you handle copyrighted material from outside sources?

HRPA says ...

For all of the third parties whose information sources or documents we index, we have written understandings that we will credit copyright. And in fact, with our premium sources, essentially what we publish are excerpts. So we're probably generating sales leads for them as opposed to eroding their business opportunities.

Inmagic says ...

Anytime you post copyrighted material for distribution you must have permission of the copyright owner. In the United States, there are allowances for "fair use."

For example, you may utilize copyrighted material if the use is not something reasonably anticipated by the copyright owner and does not damage the copyright owner's market. Fair use is a very gray area of copyright law and is in flux depending on precedence. We suggest that you contact your lawyer for additional guidance.

One other way to handle copyrighted material is to link to it, if it's available online from the publisher. Then you provide easy access, but because you have not added the material into your site, you avoid copyright issues.

In sum: Have written understandings with third parties whose information sources or documents you index, and credit copyright.

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