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Four new challenges for Enterprise 2.0

The industry is increasingly seeing Enterprise 2.0 take hold as more organizations accept, understand, and adopt social technology behind the firewall. In fact, Andrew McAfee reported on his blog that he felt like he was "preaching to the converted" for the first time in a recent presentation to enterprise CIOs.

"As I listened, I realized that a fundamental shift had taken place: these executives were no longer talking mainly about their concerns, hesitations, or reasons for caution around Enterprise 2.0; instead, they were talking about their frustrations that their companies weren’t moving faster toward it," he writes.

I agree that Enterprise 2.0 has evolved greatly 2010. It was only about a year ago that we were trying to figure out how we even define Enterprise 2.0. We've since deployed pilots, measures results, and identified what worked and what didn't. We're now setting our Enterprise 2.0 agendas for 2011.

A year ago, our challenge as an industry was to come to some sort of consensus on what Enterprise 2.0 is. We were faced with determining whether it could even provide value to us. Now that organizations have resolved that stage, and are now increasingly deploying Enterprise 2.0, the industry is starting to face a new set of challenges.

Klint Finley, a Writer for ReadWriteEnterprise, took a stab at identifying three of them. Flip over to his article to get his perspective.

While I agree with his take, I have to add another item to the list: responsibility. I explained my rationale for this in the comment I left for Klint. Basically, I believe organizations have a certain responsibility to find the right mix of processes and tools that will make E2.0 a success for them, and help them meet their business objectives. More on this in my comment.

Ask yourself as well, what challenges are we facing today regarding Enterprise 2.0? How do these industry challenges compare to what you're facing personally in your organization?

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