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Take your strategy and stuff it

I don't know about you, but right about now is when I start stressing out about Thanksgiving. This has nothing to do with traveling (although, I'm really glad I don't have to fly this year). It also has nothing to do with shopping, being crammed into close quarters with in-laws, outlaws, and other friendly-but-unsettling family members. This is about stuffing.

Stuffing is unlike any other Thanksgiving tradition. Think about it. You will probably have turkey in some form at other points during the year. A turkey sandwich, turkey pot pie, a turkey burger. You might break out the cranberry sauce with a nice roast chicken. You might even have a Jell-O mold. (But I'm not sure why.)

But how often, other than the last Thursday in November, do you have stuffing?? You probably don't. That's why stuffing is the "it" item at the turkey table for me. It's like the Cabbage Patch Kid or Zou-Zou pet of Thanksgiving. Which is where the stress comes in. There is never, ever, enough.

T-minus one hour to dinner and I start scoping out the kitchen to get an idea of just how much stuffing we're dealing with. Is there stuffing only in the bird? Well that's a curse of death. If you're lucky, your host made an extra batch that might get you through first helpings. And good luck if you're at the end of the serving line. There could only be a few scraps of bread, some sage, and celery bits left. It's quite tragic.

I know at this point you're wondering, where, pray tell, is our E2.0 moral of the story? I have one, and here it is: It's about strategy. You cannot approach the Thanksgiving feast without a strategy to ensure you get all the stuffing you need to hold you over until next year. Similarly, you cannot approach E2.0 without a strategy to ensure you achieve all your collaboration and productivity hopes and dreams.

My Thanksgiving Day feast all about the stuffing. Turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes. They're all mere garnish for the stuffing! I hope you too find your "it" item at the Thanksgiving table. And to make sure you get it, bring you're A-game and a solid strategy. A SWOT analysis is a good place to start -- for your dinner and your E2.0 plans.

Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at Inmagic!

(By the way, for more fun Thanksgiving chatter, see David Gewirtz's guide to surviving Thanksgiving. It got a few chuckles out me! Thanks, David.)

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