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Association 2.0 webinar Q&A: How fast are members adopting social technologies?

Associations have to be where their members are. And increasingly, that involves the growing number of online communities, forums, and discussions. Where does the association industry stand in its efforts to engage online and manage its social media strategies? Peter Hutchins from ASAE gave us his perspective during the Q&A session of our Association 2.0 webinar.

Any sense of adoption rates across the industry, or among your members? Are there any segments adopting faster or slower from your perspective?

ASAE says ...

That's really a hard question to answer when we're talking about so many different tools. Each tool has the potential to have higher or lower adoption within certain subsets of our community.

Facebook is a great example. More "social" people seem to be interacting with Facebook, with each other, and with us. But we're also seeing those typically less socially inclined gravitating toward LinkedIn, which is a system where ASAE actually has an ROI instead of an ROE.

We are gaining four or five members a month off a notion that in order to be engaged in the conversations on LinkedIn, you have to be a member. Twitter is an entity that early adopters are gravitating towards quickly, regardless of age. Social engagement is really more about the type of individual than an age range.

It's very interesting to see how things redirect and change for us. Even conference to conference, the level and/or the type of interaction shifts. But my answer really comes down to: It depends. Probably not the answer you're looking for, but I think that's how the tools in the industry relate, or rather, what the tools in the industry are reflecting these days.

In sum: Social engagement is really more about the type of individual than an age range.

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