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Association 2.0 webinar Q&A: What staff is needed to administer Presto?

HRPA's Presto-powered Resource Centre
During our recent Association 2.0 webinar, HRPA's Chris Larsen and Corrina Mason showed us their new Resource Centre, a searchable online HR knowledgebase that's powered by Presto. They were asked during our Q&A session about what staff is needed to administer their Resource Centre, and what IT resources were required. Read on for their response.

What staffing requirements are needed to administer your Presto application? Specifically, can you comment on IT support resources required?

HRPA says ...

The Resource Centre at HRPA has two information specialists who are able to keep up with demands. During the implementation we hired a library assistant, and that was helpful for getting the system up and running, and ensuring that we had the right content and clean records.

Originally, we thought we might have to hire incremental staff because the turnaround time on member inquiries at the time was just unacceptable. That has changed completely and we’re able to manage it with existing staff.

From an IT involvement point of view, our IT manager spent roughly 25 hours working on this project, which is about three-to-four days of his time. So over a nine-week period, a nominal amount of his time was spent on the implementation.

Now that the system is up and running -- and it’s running on our servers -- we have some additional integration work in terms of migrating social media tools from where we were to where we want to be. But it’s insignificant, frankly.

In sum: Over a nine-week period, a nominal amount of IT’s time was spent on the implementation.

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