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Association 2.0 webinar Q&A: Why did you opt to use Presto over SharePoint?

Many companies want to foster collaboration across their organization. Often, one of their first steps in going about this is to look at what technologies they can deploy to increase knowledge sharing and teaming. Microsoft SharePoint is usually top of mind.

But while SharePoint continues to be one of the most popular platforms for enterprise content management, many organizations find SharePoint is not a panacea. They face challenges managing content, consolidating information silos, and supporting the IT resources and development costs involved.

That's why many companies are integrating complementary, third-party applications with SharePoint to better leverage specific SharePoint functionality that suits the way they work, as well as enables them to get more out of their technology investment. And others are steering away from SharePoint all together.

HRPA can speak from experience. When it sought a way to foster knowledge sharing and collaboration, it looked at SharePoint. But it also looked at Presto.

During our recent Association 2.0 webinar with HRPA, the association's Chris Larsen and Corrina Mason told us what went into their evaluation process, and why they decided to use Presto and not SharePoint to meet their business needs.

We are thinking about using SharePoint for collaboration. Do you use SharePoint? If so, why did you use Presto instead?

HRPA says ...

When we were considering Presto, I reached out to the Special Library Association (SLA) list serv, and I asked other librarians what they thought. The response was that Presto was a good application, and I did have some in-depth conversations with people about their implementation processes.

I also asked about SharePoint, because a lot of special libraries use SharePoint, and from a librarian standpoint, it's actually an imperfect tool. It's not as easy to use or navigate. I went on the recommendation of others that Presto was actually a better application for our members to use.

To further elaborate, we are also a Microsoft Canada reference account. We are a SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamic shop. But in this particular case, Presto is optimized for exactly what it's supposed to do. If we had tried to do this with SharePoint, it would have taken a lot longer and it would have been a lot costlier.

At the end of the day, it's hard to believe that we would have ended up with anything that works as well. Based on employee feedback, it was snap to learn and use. Now, I like SharePoint, but I wouldn't exactly call it a snap to learn and use, so we're very happy with the decision that we made.

In sum: If we had tried to do this with SharePoint, it would have taken a lot longer and it would have been a lot costlier.

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