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E-mail's fate in an Enterprise 2.0 world

You almost can't not evoke Shakespeare's "Hamlet" when you think about the future of e-mail. "To be, or not to be: That is the question." Indeed. With Enterprise 2.0 continuing to gain momentum in the enterprise, there's growing discussion that e-mail might be on its way out the revolving doors, usurped by social media technologies.

But let's not be so hasty. When was the last time you used e-mail? Two seconds ago? Is it opened on your computer right now? How much of your day is still consumed by e-mail? I rest my case! E-mail continues to be an integral way we communicate and do business, and it's not going away anytime soon. But it is evolving.

E2.0 won't abolish e-mail. It will change the way we use it. The editors of CMSWire invited our CTO Phil Green to expand on this notion in a contributed article, which they posted last week. So I encourage you to flip over to CMSWire to pick up where I leave off here, and see what Phil's take is on the future of e-mail in the enterprise.

Thanks again to CMSWire's editors for taking Phil's piece!

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