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Enterprise 2.0 best practice: Unite internal collaboration with external communication

2010 has seen Enterprise 2.0 go from an abstract term to a more concrete practice area. Companies have deployed E2.0 pilots and are measuring and analyzing results. Information professionals are beginning to identify what's working and what's not.

In our experience working with organizations around the globe, we've seen some commonalities begin to emerge among what our clients consider successful E2.0 implementations. Those common threads are the formations of Enterprise 2.0 best practices.

A big one we're seeing is to unite internal collaboration with external communication. The editors of CMSWire recently invited me to contribute an article covering this. They published it this week, and you can read it now online.

In my article, I talk about how many organizations still have internal collaboration with staff and external communication with customers as mutually exclusive operations. But with the advent of social technologies, many are finding real benefit to having both internal and external groups operating under the same umbrella.

In my article, I paint an example of how this would play out in a product life cycle management (PLM) scenario, and explain how you can integrate collaboration and communication to foster innovation, information discovery, and more effective business practices. Thanks again to CMSWire for taking my piece.

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