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David Weinberger on experts, communities, authenticity, and the future of the Internet

When we interviewed David Weinberger a couple of weeks ago, he had some stirring things to say about how we manage information and communicate online. The transcript from our podcast is now available so you can read through our conversation.

David is a renowned futurist, perhaps best known as the co-author of "The Cluetrain Manifesto."  In our interview, we unfolded David's position on who the best experts are today (hint: It has to do with his forthcoming book, "Too Big to Know"), and why he thinks "authenticity is a meaningless term."

He also argued why the word "community" is vastly misused, and explained whether the line between enterprise social networking and consumer social networking is blurring or becoming more clearly defined.

Some of his answers might surprise you. Or perhaps they'll confirm ideas and perspectives you hold yourself. Give it all a gander below. And if you'd like to listen to our podcast with David again, flip back to our earlier post.

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