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Maddie Grant: How associations can get social media right -- and wrong

After interviewing Maddie Grant about associations and social media, it's clear some organizations have come a long way in leveraging platforms such as online communities and blogs to grow membership and achieve other business objectives. Their practices have showed them what to do make social media work for them.

But equally important, they've also learned the other side of the equation that often misses the radar of many organizations: what NOT to do.

Fortunately, Maddie gives us insight into both sides of the coin in our podcast. Listen in below, or view the full transcript.

Maddie is the co-author of the new book, "Open Community," and lead editor for SocialFishing, one of the industry's highly regarded blogs for association executives. Maddie is also the Chief Social Media Strategist for social media consulting firm SocialFish.

In our podcast, Maddie reflects on the advice she penned in her book, and shares the biggest lessons associations can learn today about using social media to achieve business objectives. (It's also what we at Inmagic refer to as Association 2.0.)

Maddie also tells us the right and wrong questions to ask when embarking on a social media strategy. She explains what many associations are forgetting about social media, and how we shouldn't lose sight of why we're using social media in the first place.

Our conversation gets particularly interesting when Maddie reacts to Christopher Barger's recent assertion in a ZDNet interview that "we're heading toward a social media version of the dotcom bubble burst." Maddie argues how it could happen, and why the bubble could pop sooner than you might think.

We covered much more ground with Maddie, so I'll leave you with the play button to get the full scoop! You can read more from Maddie on her blog, SocialFishing, and in her new book, "Open Community."

Thanks again, Maddie, for taking our interview!

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