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Vote for what you want to see at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference Boston 2011

The Enterprise 2.0 Conference comes to Boston in June. This week, the show opened voting for its Call for Papers, where it invites the E2 community to vote for the speaking sessions it wants to hear.

The folks from the show received 324 submissions this year -- three of which our own Phil Green submitted. (Now that's what I call an idea fountain!) So now that it's time for the E2 community to cast its vote, we wanted to share with you our ideas. We hope we've put together some insightful and useful sessions, and appreciate any and all votes! :)

You can also leave comments and feedback under each proposal. So feel free to sound off! We always love to hear your feedback so we can better understand what you want to know more about.

And one other important detail: Deadline to vote is this Friday, Jan. 14. So hop to it!

From Implementation to ROI -- A Year Using Social Knowledge Networks. Chris Larsen, Director of Marketing and Membership for HRPA, will take the stage with Phil to present HRPA's experience using Social Knowledge Networks over the course of one year -- from implementation, to staffing, to member benefits, to ROI. Chris gave us an introduction to his organization's approach during our Association 2.0 webinar in October. Now he will return to dissect how Social Knowledge Networks have simplified access to resources, and improved service levels and knowledge sharing for HRPA.

E-mail’s Fate in an E2.0 World. Increased adoption of Enterprise 2.0 is stirring up new and growing conversations about e-mail. Does e-mail have a role in E2.0? Will E2.0 kill e-mail? Phil will tackle the debate of social media’s impact on e-mail. He'll discuss where e-mail fits in our Enterprise 2.0 world, and challenge us to examine our use of e-mail as we forecast the future of E2.0.

An untapped collaboration advantage: Uniting internal collaboration with external communication. Information silos and disconnected workers are thorns that have been stuck in the sides of organizations for decades. But Enterprise 2.0 might finally be giving us a way to pull it out (painlessly!). The key is to unite internal collaboration with external social networking. Phil will teach attendees how they can improve organizational efficiency by spanning their social strategies across external and internal relationships.

What do you think? Feel free to spout off, and let the best sessions win!

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