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White Paper: Associations 2.0 -- Improving the Business of Associations Through Social KnowledgeNets

Associations have always defined themselves by the research they support, the collections and assets they manage, and the benefits they provide to their members.

These core responsibilities don't go away when the economy goes sour. On the contrary, today it's more crucial than ever for associations to show their members they are an indispensable resource and productivity center.

We've put together a new white paper that can help associations do just that. "Associations 2.0 -- Improving the Business of Associations Through Social KnowledgeNets" is available now on our website to download.

It covers how associations can create KnowledgeNets, or Social Knowledge Networks, inside their organization to bring together content, people, and tools for better information access and discovery. Regular readers of our blog know this approach as "Association 2.0."

The insights and advice in our white paper are based on our experience working closely with associations such as HRPA and ASAE to put Association 2.0 to work for their organizations. Together we've learned why the social technologies are important for associations today, where social technologies can be most effective for associations, and how to roll out and sustain an Association 2.0 initiative.

After reading our white paper, we hope you'll come away with a fresh understanding of the role Association 2.0 and KnowledgeNets can play in your association, and practical advice for how to get started implementing it your organization.

As always, feel free to let us know if you have questions or would like to discuss anything further with our team. We're a phone call or e-mail away. Read on!

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