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Pop your PEZ and feel like a kid again at AUDC 2011

You might have read on our blog that one lucky attendee at the Avectra Users and Developers Conference (AUDC) 2011 will be walking away with a free iPad from Inmagic. But here's another giveaway that really sweetens the deal.

We gave away PEZ at our boothEveryone who tweets from the Inmagic table will get PEZ candy. (One of my faves!) Stop by the Inmagic booth and tweet about something you learned, liked, or found interesting at AUDC 2011.

We just ask that you start your tweet off with this: "At #inmagic booth at #audc11: [Fill in the rest to get your PEZ.]." Once we see your tweet, you'll get a PEZ candy dispenser filled with PEZ.

And while you're satisfying your sweet tooth, give our newest Presto application, Presto AssociatioNet, a gander. Flip back to my previous post to get the details on what on how this platform lets association professionals create Social Knowledge Networks for sharing, storing, managing, and socializing their organization's content and knowledge.

I hope to see you there!

1 comment:

Angi said...

I heart PEZ. Thanks Carolyn!


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