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How to fight information overload with a new approach to moderation and collaboration

So much of the information in wikis, blogs, online forums, e-mail, and the entire slew of information repositories is, to be frank, junk. Often, good ideas are buried under the noise, making it impossible to act on them.

Information professionals, it's time to get dirty to get clean. It's time to fight information overload.

Our CTO, Phil Green, will be discussing how when he appears on BlogTalkRadio's Collaboration Pizza online radio show tomorrow at 3:30 p.m. ET.

Host Chris Coleman will be interviewing Phil about why current idea management systems are failing us, and how moderated crowdsourcing lets product managers become decision-makers instead of custodians. Phil will also give insight into how NASA has used this approach to catalog 5 million photos.

Tune in to Collaboration Pizza at 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 31 to get the scoop. If you click over the episode now, you'll be able to set up a reminder for yourself so you don't miss the show. If you aren't able to listen in, however, don't fret. It will be available for download on BlogTalkRadio.

UPDATE 4/1/11: Phil's archived interview is now available.

Listen to internet radio with Collaboration Pizza on Blog Talk Radio

Demo: See how AUVSI is using Presto AssociatioNet to share information with its members

As promised, here is the complete slide deck Angela Carr presented recently at AUDC 2011. Angela Carr is the Vice President of IT for the Association for Unmanned Vehicles International (AUVSI), the world's largest organization devoted to the unmanned systems industry.

Angela's presentation is a case study of how and why AUVSI is using Presto AssociatioNet to gather and provide information to its 6,000 members. It covers the information management challenges AUVSI was experiencing before adopting AssociatioNet, and why it decided to use the application.

The presentation also goes into a thorough demonstration of the features and functionality AUVSI is using in AssociatioNet, with screen shots and detailed explanations. The slides include the actual notes Angela used in her presentation, so you'll be able to read first-hand details about AUVSI's experience using AssociatioNet.

You can view the slides here, or by clicking over to SlideShare where we've uploaded the presentation. However, to read the notes, download the presentation so you can view them in PowerPoint. We've also extracted the notes and pasted them below.

If you have any questions on what you see in AUVSI's presentation, feel free to leave us a comment.
Angela's notes:

AUVSI is the largest organization devoted to the unmanned systems industry. Our main revenue sources are our annual conference with 400 exhibit booths and 6,000 attendees; advertising in our website, monthly magazine or weekly newsletter; and of course, association membership.

AUVSI’s vision is to be the focal point for the unmanned systems global community. That means we want to be the place people go when they need information about unmanned systems, the industry, the future, etc. There are TONS of options for them to get information. We wanted to streamline the information gathering process.

Keeping in mind that our vision is the industry as a whole, we have to be mindful of where the money comes from! Our customers are the most important aspect of AUVSI. To increase the benefit they receive from this service, we ensure that their profiles are searchable through this system – both from our staff’s perspective and the end user’s perspective.

Andornot and Maxus bringing new database and library systems online with DB/Text Library Suite

Our partners around the world have been hard at work helping organizations achieve their information and knowledge management goals with Inmagic DB/Text Library Suite. Here are two of the latest projects our partners have been working on.

Heritage Centre's new archival database powered by Library Suite
Centre du patrimoine (Heritage Centre) of the Société historique de Saint-Boniface's new archival database. The Heritage Centre is an archive and research facility dedicated to the preservation, study, dissemination, and development of Francophone and Metis history in Manitoba and Western Canada.

Our partner, Andornot, helped the Heritage Centre merge and convert various archival databases using Library Suite. Andornot also used Library Suite to develop the organization's Voyageurs Contracts database and Web search interface for a collection of 35,000 records of contracts between fur traders (Voyageurs) and companies engaged in the fur trade in Canada between 1700 and ca. 1822.

Flip over to Andornot's blog for all of the details of the implementations.

Victorian Institute of Teaching's new library system. Victorian Institute of Teaching is a statutory authority regulating the teaching profession in Victoria, Australia.

Our partner, Maxus Australia, is helping the organization establish a new library system using DB/TextWorks for the catalog and Web Publisher Pro for staff access on the intranet. This system will be used to organize, catalog, and index 10,000 resources.

You can read about more details on the new system in Maxus's online newsletter.

CMSWire features Inmagic in its info360 highlights

As you might know, Inmagic CTO Phil Green was at info360 last week presenting with our customer, Corrina Mason, Information Specialist at HRPA. CMSWire was also at the show, and interviewed Phil about our approach to helping associations build Social Knowledge Networks using Presto AssociatioNet.

CMSWire's Marisa Peacock featured Phil's interview in her recent article rounding up some of the vendors that caught CMSWire's attention.

AUVSI's Angela Carr on AUDC 2011, Presto AssociatioNet, and her best tip for association pros

Let me start by saying, WHEWWW! We've been busy lately at Inmagic, exhibiting at several industry conferences, and I think our blog reflects that! If you've been following the hubbub, you might recall that one of our customers, Angela Carr, Vice President of IT for AUVSI, presented at AUDC 2011 a couple of weeks ago.

Her presentation focused on how and why AUVSI is using Presto AssociatioNet to improve its processes for gathering diverse volumes of information and providing it to its members. If you weren't able to see her presentation, Angela kindly shared her slides with us, and we'll be posting them to our blog soon.

We also recently interviewed Angela about how she thought AUDC 2011 and her presentation went. She told us about what other association professionals thought of her experience with Presto AssociatioNet, as well as her thoughts on the state of the association industry, and other insightful tidbits and advice for up-and-coming association professionals.

Tune in to hear it first-hand from Angela. Thanks for sharing with us, Angela!

Managing unstructured content is not the future of knowledge management

It's been well-documented that social media has transformed knowledge management. The latest article I've come across covering this is Jonathan Reichental's recent O'Reilly Radar article. He writes, "The days of the single, authoritative voice are coming to an end. The community has prevailed."

True. And while I agree with many of the other points Jonathan makes, I have to differ on one. He says, "... the future is about managing unstructured content."

I disagree. I don't think the future is about managing unstructured content, but rather managing the interaction of vetted, curated information with new social practices. Why? Click over to the comment I left on Jonathan's article to find out.

Information Today's Paula Hane reports on what's next for Inmagic

Information Today's Paula Hane briefs with Inmagic's Phil Green
Phil Green and Paula Hane
Paula Hane, Information Today's News Bureau Chief and Editor of NewsBreaks, stopped by our booth at CIL 2011 this week to chat with our CTO, Phil Green, about what's new with the Inmagic product line.

She wrote about our latest developments on her LibConf blog, including details on our new Presto AssociatioNet app, why we're moving to an application focus, and a sneak peek into what you can expect in our forthcoming Presto 3.7.

As always, thanks for briefing with us, Paula! And thanks for a great show!

Win-novate: Four keys to successful ideation and innovation

How many times have you said, "Wow, that's a great idea!" But then nothing happens to bring it to reality?

Great ideas come up all the time. In brainstorming sessions, meetings, e-mail exchanges, conversations around the water cooler, while driving home from work, even when taking a nature break ...

All too often, though, nothing happens to them. They're just an idea. Vapor. Dust. Dead on arrival.

For organizations to thrive in a consistently changing economic and competitive environment, innovation around products, services, and business practices is crucial. And while most companies recognize the importance of innovation, few have mastered how to successfully execute on it.

Kimberly Watson-Hemphill
Until April 14. That's when we're hosting a webinar to show you the four keys to successful innovation. Our guest of honor will be Kimberly Watson-Hemphill, author of "Fast Innovation" and founder of Firefly Consulting.

Kimberly is globally known in the field of innovation and operational excellence. She was previously a partner with Accenture and a Vice President of George Group Consulting, and is currently on the faculty of the Acton School of Business. You can read more about her on her website.

In our webinar, Kimberly will discuss the secrets to innovation success, and how your organization can create an innovation-friendly environment that increases efficiency, rewards creativity and, most importantly, drives revenue. Learn about the processes that reduce time-to-market and the new technologies that can help.

And as a bonus, all attendees will have a chance to win one of five signed copies of Kimberly's book, "Fast Innovation."

Sign up now!

WHAT: Win-novate: Four Keys to Successful Innovation webinar

WHEN: April 14, 2 p.m - 3 p.m. ET

WHERE: Your computer


Four problems with idea management systems, and how to fix them

In a perfect world, idea management systems help companies collect, manage, and leverage the creative ideas from customers and internal people to drive innovation.

Unfortunately, that's not the reality. Many idea management systems are lacking crucial components that hinder companies from optimally generating and managing product enhancements.

The editors of CMSWire recently invited me to contribute an article detailing four main problems I see with idea management systems, and my suggestions for how to fix them. They published my article this week, so mosey over and give it a read.

Feel free to leave your thoughts and feedback on the article or here in the comments. Are you seeing issues with idea management systems? What are they, and how would you fix them?

Thanks to CMSWire's editors for taking my article.

CIL 2011 in pictures

Our blogging team joined us at the CIL 2011 conference yesterday to capture the sights and sounds of the show. They took video. They snapped photos. They interviewed attendees. They recorded podcasts. And I think they had some fun to boot!

We're gathering all of our footage from the show and will be posting it on the Inmagic blog over the coming days and weeks. Keep your eyes peeled for some insightful interviews with librarians and knowledge workers from across the board, including government agencies, colleges, and more.

First up is our CIL 2011 photo slide show. More posts to come. You can follow all of our CIL 2011 coverage by bookmarking our CIL 2011 tag.

How would you like a personal Presto demo and consultation on your SKN needs at your office?

Our sales team has been making rounds at several industry conferences as of late. Last month, we were at AUDC 2011 in Orlando, Fla., and next week we'll be in Washington, D.C., for info360 2011 and CIL 2011.

Obviously, exhibiting at these conferences is an opportunity for us to network with our customers and demo the latest technology we have to offer in Presto. But, naturally, not everyone who's interested in learning more is able to attend these shows.

So we've set up "City Tours." Our sales teams will be visiting certain areas throughout the coming months to meet with those interested in learning more about Inmagic's technology and seeing first-hand how it works.

We're planning to be in the Washington, D.C, area through March and April. If you're in the area during that time, feel free to contact us to set up a meeting.

If you're not in D.C. during that time, but would still like to meet, ping us and we'll coordinate a meeting when it's convenient for you. And if you're just looking for more information on how the meetings work or on our technology for now, feel free to shoot us a note too.

AUDC 2011 iPad winner a catalyst for historic truce between marketing and sales

You know, it's a little-known fact across business organizations that sales and marketing don't get along. They are often the cats and dogs of functional groups.

"You don't get me enough pipeline!"

"You don't know what the market wants!"

Not at Inmagic. Our sales team gets the idea of marketing and social media, so much so that they took matters into their own hands when it came to announcing our AUDC 2011 iPad winner.

They did have to make some edits so as not to make available the contact information of everyone that stopped by the booth, but all in all, this is almost as entertaining as kittens and puppies on YouTube. ;)

And without further ado, here are our own Jason Buggy and Kipo Saysongkham, selecting the lucky iPad winner from AUDC11. Watch to see if your name is called!

Douglas Schultz's reaction to winning our David Weinberger book giveaway

Douglas Schultz, our latest giveaway winner
To the winner goes the spoils, and so we've shipped off our three signed David Weinberger books to Douglas Schultz, the winner of our giveaway.

When he contacted us with his mailing address, we asked if he had any thoughts to share as the winner. Although this isn't quite the Oscars, we wanted to give Douglas the podium for a moment to reflect. Here's what he told us in an e-mail.
I had previously read David Weinberger's "Everything is Miscellaneous" book and thought it had some great insights into the organization of Information. Based on my positive experience with the book, I had David's other books on my "future read" list. I am a subscriber and regular reader of the Inmagic blog and when I saw the opportunity to win the books I decided to enter via Twitter. I have entered a few giveaways via Twitter, but haven't been successful in winning anything. During my normal routine of reading through my blog subscriptions, I was pleasantly surprised to see my name as the winner.

I am really looking forward to reading these books. Thanks again for having the contest.
Thank you, Douglas. Enjoy!!

Federal Times covers technologies NASA and other feds are using to share information

Federal Times' Adam Stone took a look this week at what technologies government agencies are using to share information internally. As you might expect, the range is wide. Adam included NASA's approach in his coverage -- Inmagic Presto.

NASA uses Presto to store and share mission critical pre-, in-, and post-flight images and videos. If you've been reading our blog from the get-go, you might recall our case study and other coverage of NASA's use of Presto.

In his article, Adam shares an anecdote of this usage from Jeff Wolfe, Photo Planner for Kennedy Space Center, whom we also interviewed at SLA 2008. Flip over to Federal Times to give it a read.

Inmagic's breakfast of champions

Inmagic doesn't fuel great ideas and customer service with just any old breakfast.

I took this shot from our kitchen this morning. But look closely. That's not really a meatball sub, steak and cheese, or hamburger. It's much sweeter and probably just as many calories. Who knew donuts could be so versatile?

Inmagic DB/Text Library Suite updated with nine major new features

We've updated the DB/TextWorks and Web Publisher Pro components of Inmagic DB/Text Library Suite with nine new features. If you're a customer on maintenance, you'll automatically receive the updates as part of your maintenance contract.

The features we added help give library professionals new ways to control, organize, and manage information for their organizations. For the breakdown on what's new, check out our press release announcing the news. If you have any questions, feel free to ping our team anytime.

Inmagic Enhances DB/Text Library Suite

New features added to DB/TextWorks and Web Publisher Pro give library and information professionals more control over content

WOBURN, Mass. -- March 8, 2011 -- Inmagic has introduced Inmagic® DB/TextWorks® v13 and DB/Text® Web Publisher Pro v13, two integral components of Inmagic® DB/Text® Library Suite. Enhancements have been made to improve customization, security, and database maintenance, giving library professionals new ways to control, organize, and manage information for their organizations.

Shifting from expertise management to expertise support

There's an important shift happening in the KM industry surrounding the notion of expertise. Rawn Shah tapped into it in his recent Forbes article. I tried to post a comment on his piece, but for some reason, the comment wasn't taking, so I wanted to post my thoughts here.

First, the headline of Rawn's article is "Shifting The Imperative From Knowledge Management To Expertise Management." But after I read it, I think an alternative title might be "Shifting The Imperative From Knowledge Management To Expertise Support."

I think the distinction between management and support is key. Rawn touches upon this in his article, writing,"To keep with historical terminology, we still call this expertise management, even though what you are not doing is actually managing people directly, but rather facilitating and supporting them to build their talent and capability. Neither does it require them to be absolute experts; it is a relative scale depending upon scope."

I'll take this one step further to say support is more in line with today's social practices. Experts' roles today might be defined in much looser terms than bygone times. And support of experts, rather than management of them, allows variations in levels of expertise and location.

For example, traditionally, experts might earn their title based on credentials. Ph.D. CPA. And that includes trade positions, too, such as plumbers and electricians. But today, experts might have field experience and savvy that puts them at the top of in-the-know lists. It's important for social knowledge management applications to let both kinds bubble up and be accessible to individuals throughout an organization.

This also means that customers can also be considered experts within an organization's community. Not all information and knowledge management resides within the firewall -- and customer input on product features, functionality, and experience can benefit the product development lifecycle.

Ultimately, I think this shows where organizational priorities are headed. As Rawn says, "The maturity of a social businesses hinges on the ability to develop a competitive advantage through better systems that drive the collective, and not just individual, talent and eminence of the organization."

And the winner of our David Weinberger book giveaway is ...

The prize
Our David Weinberger box set giveaway has come to close, and now it's time to announce our winner!

The prize that awaits one lucky guy or gal: A copy of "The Cluetrain Manifesto," "Small Pieces Loosely Joined" and "Everything is Miscellaneous," signed by David himself.

We've collected all of the tweet and comment submissions and put them in our virtual hat. Let's give it a good shake. SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE!

Now let's draw a name. DRUM ROLL!

And that name is ...

Douglas Schultz!

Congratulations, Douglas! We hope you enjoy your new David Weinberger books. To claim your prize, send us your name and mailing address, and we'll be in touch to ship them to you.

Thank you to everyone who entered our giveaway! Keep your eyes on our blog for our next Inmagic giveaway.

CMSWire spotlights Presto AssociatioNet

We introduced our latest Presto application this week, Presto AssociatioNet. Chelsi Nakano covered our news on CMSWire, writing that it "specifically [gives] member-based organizations a more resourceful pool to turn to for information and collaboration."

She also gave an overview of how associations can access information, share insights, and collaborate on content using AssociatioNet. Flip over for the details. And if you'd like a demo of AssociatioNet yourself, feel free to contact us. Thanks for covering our news, Chelsi.

AUDC 2011 in pictures

The Inmagic team is back from AUDC 2011 with notes, ideas, takeaways, and, of course, pictures. Here are some shots to flip through. Once we collect our thoughts, we'll be sharing our insights and reactions here on our blog.

Drive recruitment, retention, and productivity with new Presto AssociatioNet

Pop-out panels from our booth
We debuted our new pop-out banners at our booth at AUDC 2011
At AUDC 2011 yesterday, Angela Carr, Vice President of IT for AUVSI, gave a presentation on how and why her association is using our new Presto AssociatioNet to create and manage Social Knowledge Networks.

If you saw it, we hope it was informative! If you missed it, we're hoping to share her presentation here on our blog.

Presto AssociatioNet is our newest Social Knowledge Network application. In fact, we officially introduced it yesterday.

AssociatioNet gives member-based organizations an efficient way to provide diverse volumes of content and information resources to their members.

Read on for more details on how associations can use AssociatioNet to organize and access diverse content, share insights, and collaborate on information crucial to the mission of the association and its membership community.

New Inmagic Presto AssociatioNet Makes Associations Valued and Preferred Information Resources

Inmagic brings the power of Social Knowledge Networks to associations to drive recruitment, retention, and productivity

WOBURN, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Inmagic, Inc. today unveiled Inmagic® Presto AssociatioNet, the latest in Inmagic’s growing library of Social Knowledge Network applications that are designed to meet the needs of specific industries. AssociatioNet gives member-based organizations a more efficient way to provide diverse volumes of content and information resources to their members -- resulting in improved service levels, increased membership attraction and retention, and more connected communities.


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