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AUDC 2011 iPad winner a catalyst for historic truce between marketing and sales

You know, it's a little-known fact across business organizations that sales and marketing don't get along. They are often the cats and dogs of functional groups.

"You don't get me enough pipeline!"

"You don't know what the market wants!"

Not at Inmagic. Our sales team gets the idea of marketing and social media, so much so that they took matters into their own hands when it came to announcing our AUDC 2011 iPad winner.

They did have to make some edits so as not to make available the contact information of everyone that stopped by the booth, but all in all, this is almost as entertaining as kittens and puppies on YouTube. ;)

And without further ado, here are our own Jason Buggy and Kipo Saysongkham, selecting the lucky iPad winner from AUDC11. Watch to see if your name is called!

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