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AUVSI's Angela Carr on AUDC 2011, Presto AssociatioNet, and her best tip for association pros

Let me start by saying, WHEWWW! We've been busy lately at Inmagic, exhibiting at several industry conferences, and I think our blog reflects that! If you've been following the hubbub, you might recall that one of our customers, Angela Carr, Vice President of IT for AUVSI, presented at AUDC 2011 a couple of weeks ago.

Her presentation focused on how and why AUVSI is using Presto AssociatioNet to improve its processes for gathering diverse volumes of information and providing it to its members. If you weren't able to see her presentation, Angela kindly shared her slides with us, and we'll be posting them to our blog soon.

We also recently interviewed Angela about how she thought AUDC 2011 and her presentation went. She told us about what other association professionals thought of her experience with Presto AssociatioNet, as well as her thoughts on the state of the association industry, and other insightful tidbits and advice for up-and-coming association professionals.

Tune in to hear it first-hand from Angela. Thanks for sharing with us, Angela!

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