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HRPA talks about how it uses Presto to increase its member request response rate

Like many international associations, the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) faces the challenge of managing and responding to thousands of e-mail requests from members annually. In HRPA's case, members usually ask for career and educational information.

We've covered on our blog how HRPA uses Presto to provide these materials to its membership, including through Presto's knowledge management, blogging, and other social technology features. If you're looking for more details on this, turn your eyes to this recent KMWorld article by Phil Britt.

He reported on HRPA's approach, including feedback and testimonial from Corrina Mason, HRPA's Information Specialist. Some helpful insight to look into if you're facing similar member service challenges in your association.

And speaking of which, we'll also be posting Corrina's slide deck she presented recently at CIL 2011. It features more details on HRPA's Presto implementation and the results the organization is now seeing surrounding member service and retention.

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