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CMSWire notes how well Presto 3.7 plays with myriad third-party knowledge repositories

Given the popularity of SharePoint across the enterprise today, it's almost a given that any enterprise product needs to work with the platform. Inmagic Presto, for instance, has supported SharePoint since 2009.

However, when it comes to knowledge management, you'll find SharePoint is not the only third-party knowledge repository player. There are myriad platforms that organizations have made commitments to over generations of knowledge sharing and management. And they are not intending to abandon them any time soon.

In fact, one of the advantages many third-party knowledge repository vendors have is that their customers are often locked into their technology. It's not easy to move from one platform to another, and it's not easy to be motivated to switch because of, say, one killer feature.

We've long recognized this. And most recently, we introduced a new connector framework and network drive connector in Presto 3.7 that allows organizations to better capitalize on information contained in third-party knowledge repositories. That includes not only SharePoint, but network drives and other locations as well.

CMSWire's Barb Mosher noted the importance of this recently in her coverage of our Presto 3.7 release. "In fact, the ability to integrate with third party content, regardless of where it's located is the right approach all together," she writes.

For a full look at what Barb thought was noteworthy about Presto 3.7, click over to her article. Thanks for continuing to follow us, Barb!

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