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Centralizing data shared on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Yammer key goal for BSI Knowledge Centre Manager

Lucy Ahmed
If you thought you had a long way to travel to SLA 2011, here's an SLA member that might have one-upped you: Lucy Ahmed, who came all the way from the U.K. to join her colleagues at this year's conference. She's the Knowledge Centre Manager at BSI, the national standards body of the U.K.

Our blogging team met Lucy at Inmagic's booth. They got to chatting about what brought her across the pond to SLA 2011, and how she's been spending her time at the show.

She told us about some things BSI is doing on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Yammer, and how her main objective today is to centralize the information she and her colleagues share on these sites.

Lucy also opened up about how she's seen her role at BSI change with its increased use of these social media tools, and why she finds them crucial to helping make her organization more innovative. Tune in to our interview to hear it all. Thanks for sharing, Lucy!

Keep your eyes on our SLA Conference 2011 tag for more interviews from the show.

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