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General Practice Victoria centralizes 10 years of health care information with Inmagic Presto

Imagine the number of electronic documents and information resources one doctor's office acquires over 10 years. Then multiply that by all of the doctors' offices in a given state or geographical territory. Then try to organize, manage, and share all of this information with one system.

A seemingly impossible task, but one that Australia's General Practice Victoria accomplished with the use of Presto and help from our partner Maxus Australia. Maxus recently put together a case study covering the implementation.

General Practice Victoria (GPV) is one of eight regional organizations in the Australian General Practice Network (AGPN), which administers health care to Australians nationwide. GPV is made up of 29 local general practice divisions.

GPV was swamped with tens of thousands of electronic and hard copy documents stored in ad hoc folder structures and shared network drives. Jill Aron, who heads the organization's Library and Records Management operations, turned to Presto to organize and centralize its overload of information, and share it with its general practice divisions.

With Presto, Jill was able to create an efficient, easy-to-use filing system that gives staff an efficient and compliant way to share information.

For more information on GPV's use of Presto, click over to Maxus' case study. It details GPV's organizational challenges, why it chose Presto, and the results after Presto's implementation.

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