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Social media giving 30-year SLA member Jeanne Miller "new lease on life" in her career

While many library and information professionals have been slow to adopt social media technology, our blogging crew met one info pro at SLA 2011 who's recently taken a headfirst dive into social media: Jeanne Miller, Director, Information Services and Publications at the Center for the Education of Women at the University of Michigan.

She's been an SLA member for about 30 years, and regularly attends the annual conferences. With budget constraints looming over her organization's head, she's spearheaded a more cost effective approach to delivering information to her users using social media. It includes a blog (of which she is the primary writer), Twitter, and Facebook page.

These technologies have become so important to Jeanne, that she says social media has given her a "new lease on life" in her career. Watch our interview for her story.

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