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Terri Griffith reveals one crucial skill your employees have but your company isn't using

Terri Griffith, Ph.D.
Today is one of the most exciting times for organizations to see tremendous benefit after making small changes. That's according to Terri Griffith, Ph.D., Professor of Management at the Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University.

Dr. Griffith specializes in the implementation and effective use of new technologies and organizational practices. She focuses on team tools and methods for innovation, and has published her research in journals including "Organization Science" and "Information Systems Research." She also blogs at Technology and Organizations.

We interviewed her recently about some of her latest research and what these tools are. The focus of our discussion? Social media technologies.

Dr. Griffith emphasized that companies can now gain access to new ideas and foster innovation in ways that are very difficult and in some cases impossible to achieve without social media technologies. Employees have social networking skills, and it's up to companies to leverage them to achieve business objectives.

Dr. Griffith has developed a three-part plan for doing this. She unfolds the details of each component in our interview, and cites examples of large organizations that have been successful at practicing them, including ASTM International, Intuit, and Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Her recommendations are actionable advice for companies looking to start or improve their social strategies.

Dr. Griffith is now working on a new book, "The Plugged-In Manager," due out in October. It covers how managers who plugged into 1) their people, 2) technology, and 3) organizational processes can excel at coming up with effective business solutions. Dr. Griffith gives us a preview of this in our podcast.

"If we're going to do anything effective in an organization, it has to be a mix of the people, the technology tools, and organizational processes. Working with just any one dimension is not going be effective," Dr. Griffith says during our interview.

Having tracked companies that have done this naturally, have learned to do this, and have failed at this, Dr. Griffith's findings and takeaways are worth a listen. So sit back and tune in!

Thanks again, Dr. Griffith, for coming on our blog.

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